Our Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Choosing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is a decision that can change your life. As you prepare to overcome your abuse and addiction, learn about how our program can help you achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.


Due to the mistaken belief that an individual must hit bottom or voluntarily seek help, many people hesitate to stage interventions. This delay can be very dangerous for someone suffering with substance abuse. While interventions can motivate someone to seek help, they should only be performed by trained, qualified individuals. If you belive that a loved one is in dire need of an intervention, call or contact us today.

Getting You or your Loved One the Help Needed

It's clinically recommended and proven by research that addicts and alcoholics who attend follow-on care and therapy for addiction treatment have much better success rates at staying clean and sober. Discover more about our addiction treatment programs:

Individual Therapy designed For You.

Individual therapy can be helpful to begin a concentrated look at one’s own self and specific issues surrounding the addiction. Addiction treatment and rehab can sometimes be difficult, but it's important to know that you are not alone.

Group Therapy

As one of the best addiction treatment centers in Washington, Royal Life Centers offers group therapy. Group therapy gives you the advantage of seeing yourself in others, having others give you feedback to your potential blind spots and learning to share true feelings and experiences.

You are Not Alone.

While at Royal Life Centers, you'll have the opportunity to join other people battling drug addiction and work together for the common goal of recovery. The skills that you learn during these activities will help you develop a sense of self-sufficiency. We challenge you to look at your old belief system and develop higher self-esteem for the life-long journey ahead of you.

Build a Sober Future

Royal Life Center can help build the foundation for a brighter, sober future. Reach out to change your life today!

We Accept Most Major Insurance Providers.