Drug Addiction Treatment in Mead, WA

Drug addiction is a disease that affects men and women who use drugs for prolonged periods. Drug use often begins as a recreational or social outlet, but addiction quickly takes over. The behaviors associated with drug addiction destroy lives and relationships, but the professionals at Royal Life Centers are here to help you overcome the effects and regain control.

What Is the Difference between Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction?

Most people understand drug abuse and drug addiction to be the same condition, but in the addiction treatment and medical communities, there are differences. People who abuse drugs may be able to manage some aspects of their lives even though they chronically use drugs. Drug addicts, though, have lost all control over their use and lives.

Signs of Drug Addiction

People living with drug addiction may:

  • Increased sense of perception, especially taste, sight and hearing
  • Red eyes, problems with coordination or memory loss
  • Using drugs to deal with problems
  • Feeling that drugs are needed frequently, or inability to stop using
  • Having a supply of drugs or constantly seeking drugs

How Much Does Treatment for Drug Addiction Cost?

The treatment programs at Royal Life Centers are designed to be affordable and effective. Most insurance companies cover a portion of the cost for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, including treatment for drug addiction. You may be responsible for part or all of your treatment. Because your recovery and quality of life are the highest priority, we provide you with the best possible treatment based on your individual needs, regardless of your ability to pay.

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