Free Urine Analysis Drug Testing Kit

As guests graduate from Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights’ aftercare program, they are offered the opportunity to return home. Although this change is often exciting, moving home runs the risk of introducing potential stressors that can trigger a relapse. Knowing that stress is unavoidable, Royal Alumni are taught the necessary coping and relapse prevention skills that boost their recovery resolve. At Cascade Heights, we know that there is no such thing as too much preparation or protection for you or your loved one’s recovery, which is why we offer Alumni services for continued recovery support. 

Within the sober community, individuals often note that a large part of relapse prevention is the accountability measures inside of a treatment program. For instance, knowing they are required to submit samples for a drug screen reminds guests and alumni that their actions have consequences.

Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights recognizes that the transition from a treatment center to home is a great feat. To smooth shift back into society, we provide free Urine Analysis (UA) cups for Royal Alumni and their families.

Benefits of Drug Testing

benefits of ua testing

Offering all members of Royal Alumni in addition to their loved ones access to free UA drug screening cups provides a sense of calm to the people closest to you. Parents, siblings, and spouses can alleviate their concerns by utilizing the accountability measures like drug tests into an alumni’s day-to-day with for regular testing or upon suspicion of a relapse.

Supporting the Royal Alumni Family

At Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights, our main goal is to help you or your loved one maintain a fulfilling sober lifestyle. Our guests and their loved ones put their trust in us, and because of this, we find it paramount to continue our support following treatment. As Cascade Heights is dedicated to the health and growth of our Royal Life community and guests, we offer free Urine Analysis cups to the families and loved ones of our Alumni.

Additionally, graduates of Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights’ are a part of the Royal Alumni Family, gaining access to additional support beyond treatment in our facility. In addition to the free UA cups, we invite Royal Alumni to use any of our Alumni Services. Our Alumni Services offer continued support for our graduates following their treatment with us. At Cascade Heights’, we provide Alumni coordinators to assist graduates with post-treatment services like placement for additional care, letters of treatment completion, and planning Alumni events

We believe that continuing to integrate structure and accountability in your lifestyle inspires our guests to thrive in recovery. For this reason, we offer you that sense of accountability in the form of drug screening kits at no charge to assist in the maintenance of you or your loved ones recovery.

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