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Since 2009, Royal Life Centers has been a leader in the treatment of substance use disorders. Starting from humble beginnings, we now have eight multi-accredited facilitates across the United States. Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights is our aftercare and outpatient treatment programs in Mead, WA.

Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights

 In order to suit a wide array of needs, Royal Life Centers offers a comprehensive network of locations throughout Washington state and Arizona. In the Spokane area, we offer a full continuum of treatment programs, including medical detox, residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programming, as well as long-term sober living.  As with all Royal drug and alcohol treatment centers, Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights’ was formed on the basis of treating our guests with the utmost care and respect Because We Care.

Out of respect, we refer to anyone who stays with us as our guest. Our visitors are far more than just that—they are part of the Royal Life Family. Each and every guest receives personalized care and treatment because we know a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely effective in treating substance use disorder. Above all, we put our guests’ well-being and make clinical decisions to ensure his or her ability to sustain long-term sobriety.

All of our facilities have received multiple accreditations from the most widely recognized and prestigious agencies in the industry. At Royal Life Centers, we are proud to not only meet but exceed the expectations put forth by each accrediting agency. The excellence and quality of our facilities show in our dedication to maintaining the high level of standards needed to maintain our accreditations.

Our Company Values

At Royal Life Centers, we pride ourselves on bringing together a treatment experience that speaks to who we are and what we believe in as a company. These are the values that inform our mission and vision.


Our guests are our purpose. We pride ourselves on our ability to help the next person find meaningful, lasting sobriety and solace through the healing journey of recovery.


We see through addiction to the person beneath. As providers, we counter the isolation, disconnect, and pull of addiction with unconditional support, safety, a welcoming community, and genuine connection.


Focused on a complete healing experience, we treat the mental, physical, and spiritual wounds exacerbated by addiction. Our holistic approach has aided in complete transformations with our uniquely well-rounded programming.


We stand to empower those who have asked for help. There is nothing shameful about knowing that you deserve the best life for yourself, and may want some help achieving it.


Through acceptance comes freedom. No matter the ways your addiction has manifested, we challenge you to accept your past and find freedom in the strength you have gained because of it.

Quality Care

From our inception as a provider, up to the present moment, we continue to use treatment outcomes, suggestions, and our guests’ feedback to evolve our care, maintaining the highest level of quality.

Royal Life Centers

Treatment at Royal Life Centers

Dual Diagnosis

Our programming nationwide incorporates the treatment of any mental health disorders that co-occur with addiction. Co-occurring disorders are very common, affecting the majority of our guests. Mental health disorder symptoms can cause confusion in early recovery, so we view the aspect of mental health treatment alongside substance abuse as integral to our guest’s success.

Compassionate Care

“Because We Care,” is the essence of who we are as a provider. We strive to keep our genuine compassion for guests visible in each moment of treatment.

Our programming was created around the notion of a treatment program where we would want to enroll a member of our family, if they were struggling with addiction. 


From the very beginning of our existence as a provider, we have identified the need for treatment programming that adapts to the unique needs of each guest. For this reason, we have specialty program “tracks” that work in knowledge, culture, and commonalities amongst groups of guests, creating the opportunity to heal in good company with like-minded individuals.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs at Royal Life Centers

Because we offer a full continuum, our treatment programs benefit from continuity of care. Our recovery community is strengthened by this aspect. You may be the only sober person in your old friend group, but you will be one of many in our recovery community. This like-mindedness forms camaraderie, understanding, and long-standing friendship through the recovery process. The primary benefit of our multi-level approach to treatment is that this method has been proven effective in maintaining long-term sobriety for our guests.

Our staff members’ education and expertise are what make our programs really shine. Royal Life Centers staffs its facilities with dedicated, caring, and compassionate clinical and medical professionals to best serve each guest. Much of our staff are in recovery themselves, which allows them to relate, understand, and bond with guests on a personal level.


Our Case Management Services

Royal Life Centers’ case management services provide another level of support services to our guests. Upon arrival, you will be assigned a case manager who will join your personal care team.

Each guest is paired with a case manager that will be best suited to that individual’s needs. Our case managers assist guests with legal, employment, and personal issues that may arise before and during treatment. At Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of post-treatment employment. For this reason, our case managers fully guide guests through the employment process— supplying resources, education, and connections to help guests reenter the workforce. Resume building, job readiness, and interview preparation are some of the ways in which our case managers support our guests vocationally. Case managers also act as a point of contact with any external entities (i.e. court, tribal council, specialists, trust committees, employers, etc.), with your explicit and written consent. 

Case managers handle:

What Makes Royal Life Centers Different?

Welcoming Community

Each center offers a sense of community that is extremely welcoming to the newcomer. So often those in recovery find it difficult to feel as if they truly belong somewhere. Upon arrival to the facility, our community welcomes each guest as they are, free of all labels and stigma.

Respectful, Kind Staff

Our staff members treat all guests with dignity and respect, taking the time to get to know each individual in our care. We believe in providing an environment that is loving, caring, and compassionate, which is balanced with our straightforward, real communication style.

Staff in Recovery

Seeing as many of our staff members are in recovery themselves, they are able to share their experience, strength, and hope. To ensure quality care, all staff members are drug tested on a weekly basis to promote a healthy environment for our guests to recover in.

Full Time on Duty Medical Staff 

Each facility is equipped with medical staff on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By having medical staff on-site we are able to effectively monitor and tend to each guest’s needs as soon as they arise. 24/7 medical staff ensures the highest level of safety during the detoxification and/or treatment process.


Each medical detox center and inpatient facility have an in-house Chef on staff who prepares three well-balanced, nutritious meals for you every day. In addition to three meals a day, snacks, wheatgrass shots, and infused waters are prepared by the Chef daily. We also have a ton of snacks you recognize, like Lays chips, Cheez-its, cookies, Cheetos, healthier options, as well as ice cream. Our Chef’s goal is to replenish your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs, as nutrition during active addiction is gravely affected. We also believe in balance, which is why we provide a wide range of snacks, healthy and not-as healthy.

If you have any dietary restrictions or requests, please tell the Chef directly. We are easily able to accommodate dietary restrictions, and make accommodations for those that may requirement an alternative meal plan.

Holistic Treatment Options
To further enhance our treatment program, we incorporate the usage of holistic treatment modalities to provide our guests with the ultimate healing experience. We believe that healing the body, is an extremely important step in ultimately healing the mind.

Holistic treatment options available to all guests at our facilities include the following treatment services:

To ensure that our facilities are providing the highest level of care to our guests, we have undergone extension evaluations from each of the top accrediting bodies in the Unites States. Our facilities have proudly received accreditations from the following organizations: The Joint Commission, NAATP, Wellbriety, White Bison, and Legitscript. While less than 5% of all treatment centers have received accreditation from each agency, we believe in ensuring the highest standards of compliance.

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Frequently asked questions about us

Royal Life Centers provides world-class holistic addiction treatment. We are a dual-accredited, full-service drug and alcohol detox and treatment facility network committed to treating substance use disorders in the safest, most effective way possible— from detox to outpatient. We always put the guest first, hire only the most qualified staff, and maintain top-notch facilities.

Within our full continuum of care, Royal Life Centers treatment programs start with medical detox where drug and alcohol toxins are removed from the body. Following detox, residential inpatient treatment continues the therapeutic practices started in detox. Following residential inpatient, you work through levels of care that include partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP). Once completed, you may continue treatment in our outpatient program (OP). Guests in aftercare and outpatient care can live in our sober living houses.

The length of treatment varies by individual. In general, detox services last 4 days or 8 days. Residential inpatient starts at 14 days. Our aftercare program extends for 12-weeks. Outpatient care is a customizable time frame. For this reason, guests can choose to be in outpatient for an undetermined amount of time, ranging from a couple of weeks up to one year.

When entering rehab, you can bring:

  • Enough comfortable and casual clothing for two weeks (laundry facilities are available)
  • Shoes appropriate for hiking or exercise (boots or running shoes)
  • Warm clothing for winter months (coat, scarves, gloves, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene products (keep it simple and basic)
  • Electric razor or razor and shaving cream
  • Driver’s license or picture ID
  • Prescribed medications in the original bottle with prescription information (liquid medications must be unopened with original seal)
  • Nicotine patches or tobacco products including: cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, pipes, cigarillos and vape/electronic cigarettes (must be cleaned out and the fluid must be in an unopened, sealed container)
  • 1 pillow, blanket, or comfort item
  • Journaling supplies (a few pens and a notebook), highlighters
When entering rehab, do NOT to bring:
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Candles or incense
  • Alarm clocks
  • Laptops or tablets (any electronics will be locked up and stored until your completion)
  • Cell phones (any electronics will be locked up and stored until your completion)
  • Weapons of any type
  • Pornography
  • Herbal products
  • Vitamins or over-the-counter medications
  • Mouthwash or hygiene products that contains alcohol
  • Nothing of monetary value (i.e. gaming systems, jewelry, expensive clothing )
  • Revealing clothing
  • Clothing with inappropriate images or words
  • Homemade food or drinks ​​

At Royal Life Centers, we operate on a biopsychosocial/spiritual model. This means we collectively treat the mind, body, and spirit. Essentially, holistic treatment is the idea that multiple modalities of treatment are the most effective way to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Our addiction treatment includes traditional and alternative approaches like individual therapy, group counseling, art therapy, yoga, mindfulness, and Native American healing traditions.

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