Thank you for wanting to learn more about Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights. Since 2009, Royal Life Centers has been a leader in the treatment of substance use disorders. Started from humble beginnings, we now have eight multi-accredited facilitates across the United States. In order to suit a wide array of needs, Royal Life Centers offers a comprehensive network of locations throughout Washington and Arizona. Our multi-level treatment program services include medical detox, residential inpatient treatment, levels of aftercare, outpatient programming, as well as long-term sober living.  Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights’ treatment program is formed on the basis of treating our guests with the utmost care and respect Because We Care.

Out of respect, we refer to anyone who stays with us as our guest. Our visitors are far more than just that—they are part of the Royal Life Family. Each and every guest receives personalized care and treatment because we know a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely effective in treating substance use disorder. Above all, long-term sobriety and well-being are top priorities for our guests.

All of our facilities have received multiple accreditations from some of the most widely recognized agencies in the industry. We at Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights are proud to not only meet but exceed the expectations put forth by each accrediting agency. The excellence and quality of our facilities show in our dedication to maintaining the high level of standards needed to maintain our accreditations.

Treatment Programs at Royal Life Centers

Royal Life Centers staffs our facilities with dedicated, caring, and compassionate medical professionals to best serve our guests. Also, much of our staff are in recovery themselves, allowing them to bond with guests on a more personal level. Our detox facility utilizes industry-leading practices to ensure the process is as safe and comfortable as possible. Depending on the severity of a guest’s addiction, and the substance of abuse, medical detox lasts four or eight days. After detox, guests move on to our residential inpatient program, which typically lasts between 14-30 days. Next, guests enter into our partial hospitalization program (PHP), followed by intensive outpatient (IOP), and finally, outpatient (OP). This multi-level approach to treatment has been proven effective in maintaining long-term sobriety for our guests.

Every guest of Royal Life Centers receives a customized treatment plan based on their own unique set of needs. No two people are alike, which is why our individualized program works so well. Along with their therapist, guests develop a treatment plan in order to maximize the effectiveness of their stay. Our holistic approach to treatment includes group and individual therapy, adventure, activity, as well as equine therapies.

Our Case Management Services

Royal Life Centers’ case management services provide another level of support services to our guests. Each guest is paired with a case manager that will be best suited to that individual’s needs. Our case managers assist guests with legal, employment, and personal issues that may arise before and during treatment. Additionally, we offer an elective GED initiative, which provides our guests with an opportunity to obtain their GED. We at Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights also place a strong emphasis on the importance of post-treatment employment. For this reason, we guide guests during the employment process, supplying resources, education, and connections to better help them reenter the job market. Our employment specialist meets with each guest regularly to make the task of finding a job as smooth as possible. Resume building, job readiness, and interview preparation are some of the ways in which we support our guests.

Cascade Heights and Aftercare

During their time with us at Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights, guests are guided through our aftercare program. Cascade Heights’ aftercare treatment is a 12-week program consisting of our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP). The twelve-week program consists of three phases that are broken down into a four-week period of PHP and two four-week periods of IOP.

As guests navigate our 12-week program, they often reside in Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights’ sober living housing. Once guests successfully complete our twelve-week aftercare program (PHP and IOP) and have obtained employment, they can then move into our Graduate Housing. This level of care acts as a step-down from aftercare’s sober living program. Graduate Housing places accountability back into the hands of the guest while providing further assistance throughout the beginning stages of recovery. During sober living and Graduate Housing, our staff performs routine drug/alcohol testing, along with nightly curfews. Our housing features spacious living quarters and amenities, but most importantly, a safe and sober environment. Cascade Heights’ sober living staff are experts in addiction recovery counseling, available 24/7 for support. Much of our staff are in recovery as well.

Family Involvement In Rehab

Families and loved ones are almost always the first to feel the devastating impact of addiction. Just because a loved one has made it to treatment doesn’t mean those difficulties are over. In fact, families and friends affected by addiction typically need some form of support as well. Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights keeps an open line of communication between each guest’s case manager and family members to provide information and support throughout each phase of treatment. Additionally, we provide free drug screening cups to families or loved ones of our alumni.

To bolster the relationships between our guests and their loved ones, Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights provides a space for family visitation called our Family House. The Family House is a free property located beside Cascade Heights in which families can schedule a time to visit with their loved ones during their time in our 12-week aftercare program and our outpatient program within Graduate Housing.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, please, reach out to us today. Our admissions team is available 24/7 at (509)-596-2269 or (877)-RECOVERY. If you have any more questions about Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights, please reach out Because We Care.