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Our Admissions Process

The biggest question that we receive from our guests as they begin to make the decision toward a life of sobriety is, “Where do I begin?”. The choice to change your life into one of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness is one of the most difficult that you will ever make. It takes immense amounts of strength and courage. The good news is, you do not and will not be taking this journey by yourself. As soon as you reach out to one of the amazing admissions counselors here at Royal Life Centers, you will soon realize that you are not alone. There is a support system waiting for you to take you by the hand and show you the way to sobriety. So what can you expect, when you begin your admissions process?

1. Calling Our Admissions Department

The first step to entering our treatment program at Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights is to reach out to our admissions department at (888) 557-7990. Open 24/7, you can call us any day at any time and our addiction specialist in admissions will work with you to get you into treatment. Every conversation is completely confidential and private, so you can rest easy knowing any information you share with us is safe and secure. Admissions start by asking you to explain your situation. In order for our admissions coordinators to grasp your current position and the level of care you need, it is important to be as honest as possible. Additionally, don’t be shy! While this conversation gives us a better idea about your situation, this is equally your opportunity to get to know more about us at Cascade. Each of our wonderful admissions coordinators is standing by, ready to detail our programs, procedures, services, and answer any other questions you or your loved one may have.

2. Providing Your Basic Information To Admissions

To start your create your chart and begin your journey with us at Cascade Heights, we will need your basic details, including:
  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Insurance Provider

3. Verifying Your Insurance

Once we have your basic information and know a little more about you, we verify your insurance plan benefits for addiction treatment. This way admissions can provide you with a complete picture of your coverage, explaining the levels of care covered by your healthcare plan. Once your information is verified, admissions will discuss your copay, deductible, and coinsurance information (if applicable) and relay any out-of-pocket costs. Information required for insurance verification includes:
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Insurance Provider
  • Plan Type
  • Member ID
  • Group ID
  • Social Security #
If you have a state policy, admissions will work with you to determine your specific plan which of our facilities will be the best for you.

4. Completing Your Pre-Screening Assessment

During the pre-screening assessment, you discuss your medical history with our admissions team,  collaborating to find the best facility and level of care to meet your unique needs. We ask that you continue to be as honest as possible as the information you provide will help determine your ideal care at Cascade Heights. As with the entirety of our call, the pre-assessment is strictly confidential. Admissions will ask you about your substance of choice, the substances you have consumed, what you are currently using, and your overall medical history. By providing this information, we will know how to construct the initial portion of your treatment with us.

5. Entering Our Program

At the end of the admissions process, our admissions department will schedule you to arrive at our facility at an agreed-upon time, telling you a suggested list of things to bring with you. Please note:
    • Tours: To prospective guests and their loved ones, many people ask for an individual tour of our facility. However, due to HIPAA compliance, we are unable to give a full tour until you are admitted into our care. That being said, we will gladly allow you to meet the entirety of our staff before you start.*
    • Transportation: On the day of your entrance into our program, you will need to provide your own transportation to our facility, however, you cannot be the one to drive yourself. We encourage you to have your support advocate bring you if they are able. Additionally, for those who are coming from out of town, we can help arrange transportation from the airport or bus/train station for you.
    • If we are NOT the right facility for you, we will assist you in finding a treatment center that best suits your needs.
*During Covid-19, pre-admission in-person meetings with staff members are canceled due to Covid-19 mandates. We thank you for understanding and, as always, we will continue to value the safety of our staff and guests above all else.

Reach Out

If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to us at (877)-RECOVERY or (888) 557-7990. Our team of addiction specialists make themselves available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to walk you through the admissions process. Because We Care.

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