For Families

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Our Commitment to Family

Families are often on the front lines of substance use disorders. When a loved one enters into treatment, it can be a tremendous relief knowing that they are in a safe place. At Royal Life Centers we do everything we can to alleviate concerns that families might have while their loved ones are under our care. Staffed 24/7, our facilities ensure the safety and well-being of all of our guests. A safe, comfortable and distraction-free environment is just the start of what we offer at Royal Life Centers.

From the second your loved one enters our care, they are in good hands. Guests receive quality addiction counseling from our team of specialists, along with a doctor-approved medical program. Comfortable living areas round out the guest experience at Royal Life Centers, with large bedrooms featuring flat screen TVs and spacious common areas for connecting with roommates.

Most families will want to know how their loved one is doing while they are with us. During this phase of treatment at Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights, guests are allowed access to their own personal cell phones allowing for direct contact with them. However, HIPAA laws prevent us from releasing information about a guest in any form without their prior written consent.

Support beyond treatment

After a loved one has left our care, families sometimes still have concerns. To alleviate these feelings, we offer free monthly drug testing cups to families of our graduates. To request a kit, just fill out the form on the bottom of this page.

Addiction is known as a family disease since it not only affects the substance abuser but everyone around them. Therefore, we suggest families and friends begin their own recovery. Many resources are available for families including local Al-Anon meetings as well as local support groups. CLICK HERE to find a local meeting in your area.

Additionally, you can visit our Facebook page to connect with other families and alumni that have been through Royal Life Centers.

If you have a loved one who is struggling with substance use disorder, please reach out to us immediately. Our admissions team is standing by to help begin the road to recovery for your loved one. Call us now at (877)-RECOVERY or (509)-596-2269. Because We Care.