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6 Types of Friends That Benefit Your Recovery

During addiction recovery, many people worry that they will lose their friends and remain alone. While this is entirely untrue, it is important to acknowledge that sobriety weeds out the toxic friends. However, when toxic friends are removed, sobriety makes way for new, healthy friendships. Whether you already have a sober support group or are in the process of growing your circle, it’s good to know what type of friends to look out for.

The Socializer

The socializer is incredibly easygoing. First and foremost, the socializer welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms. Think about the confident person that first introduces themselves to you in treatment, AA, or NA. Additionally, their friendliness extends outward, introducing you to their other friends, forever growing the reach of the group. Kind and considerate, people love them and they love people. Socializers are the event planners of the century, making sure everyone gets an invite to sober-friendly outings.

The Explorer

To put it simply, the explorer is the fun friend of the group. Their top priority is having a good time and they’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. Flakier than the socializer, the explorer hops from friend group to friend group in search of the best plan, party, or event. Their lack of commitment is often forgiven as they wrap you up in their vibrant personality and funny anecdotes. As a friend, they are memorable, bold, and wild. The explorer is not the most dependable friend, but they provide you great stories and invitations to spontaneous road trips and parties. The explorer will remind you that, just because you’re sober, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

The Confidant 

Everyone needs the confidant in their life. Providing comfort and security, the confidant is the friend you confide in. The confidant is there to lend an ear as well as a shoulder to cry on in times of vulnerability. When you need to vent about cravings or share a secret, the confidant will empathetically listen as you express your feelings. During your spill sesh, the confidant will absorb everything you say, providing insight and honest feedback for your situation. Never judgmental, the confidant is the friend with who you are most honest. The confidant reminds you that your emotions are valid and you are important.

The Nurturer 

No matter your age, the nurturer is there to take care of you. The nurturer values the comfort of others. In fact, they often put the happiness of their friends before their own. A friendship with a nurturer will give you the tender care of a mother as they attended to your wishes without you asking. The exhaustion that accompanies early recovery can be difficult to shake but the nurturer sees your struggle and offers you the help you need. They are selfless and compassionate, playing the mediator for any arguments within the group. The nurturer makes you feel loved and valued and are the first person you turn to for help.

The Experienced Friend

Like an older sibling, the experienced friend shows you the ropes. They are dependable and wise, offering wisdom and knowledge about life in sobriety. The experienced friend never belittles you, but instead guides you through recovery at a pace perfect for you. They expand your opportunities and educate you through learned lifehacks. Additionally, the experienced friend cheers you on through successes and motivates you to continue improving.

The Loyal Best Friend

You know them when you see them, the loyal best friend is your all-time favorite. The loyal best friend stays by your side through thick and thin. They are who you call in times of emergency because they’ve proven themselves totally trustworthy. An honorary part of the family, the loyal best friend is always there for you through all of your ups and downs. Even if you lose touch, the moment you see your loyal best friend it’s like no time has passed at all. At every possible moment, they remind you how proud they are of you and your sober lifestyle

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