Aftercare Services

Our Aftercare Services

Cascade Heights, Royal Life Centers‘ aftercare and outpatient treatment facility in Mead, WA, offers a continuum of care within our 12-week drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Throughout our holistic, evidence-based practices, guests are guided through early recovery. Focused on healing the mind, body, and spirit, our aftercare program breaks down into three transitional stages. As such, guests ease back into the community following their time in medical detox and residential inpatient. Following inpatient treatment, aftercare maneuvers guests through partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP). In essence, our 12-week aftercare program gradually reintegrates guests within society at a pace tailored specifically to their recovery needs.

Holistic Addiction Treatment Found in Cascade Heights’ Aftercare Services

The comprehensive approach to Cascade Heights aftercare services is collaborative and all-encompassing. Aftercare treatment aims to inspire holistic healing, affecting mental, physical, and spiritual change in the lives of our guests. Incorporating evidence-based psychotherapies such as CBT and DBT teaches introspection and emotional intelligence, inspiring exploration and growth in our guests. Through collaboration with their therapist, case manager, employment specialist, and peers, our guests find themselves once again in recovery.

We also offer therapeutic services such as rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), activity and adventure therapy, and music therapy to provide a full spectrum of recovery methods. In doing so, we find that guests are able to identify which mode of treatment will benefit them most throughout treatment.

Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights’ IOP treatment customizes each guest’s treatment plan to their personalities, goals, and needs throughout their recovery. At Cascade Heights, we understand the disservices done in pre-determined, pre-scheduled groups. Instead, our programs encourage each guest’s participation in their recovery. As they join their primary therapist in developing their Individual Service Plan (ISP), guests take an active role in creating their treatment plan so that it may meet their unique needs through their rehabilitation. Alongside their case manager, guests engage in the creation and planning of their future, learning about the community resources available to them in and after treatment.

Aftercare overview

Stage 1: PHP
Stage 2: IOP PHASE 1
Stage 3: IOP PHASE 2

Partial Hospitalization


    Mon-Fri 6 HR PER DAY
    Sat 3 HR PER DAY
Focus Step down level of care, acting as a bridge between residential treatment into outpatient treatment.
    Guests acclimate to the transition from residential to sober living
    Guests devote their energy to the healing of their mind, body, and spirit within individual and group therapy sessions
    Guests engage in honest and open forms of self expression and communication within the therapeutic courses laid out in their ISP
    Meetings with their assigned employment specialist is added alongside their primary therapy and case manager

Intensive Outpatient Phase one


    Mon-Fri 5 HR PER DAY
    Sat 3 HR PER DAY
Focus Help guests seamlessly readapt to external stressors and daily life outside of rehab in a less structured level of care
    Guests exhibit self-sufficiency and accountability through rent payments and sober living tasks
    Guests practice healthy coping skills: emotional regulation, stress management, interpersonal communication, and mindfulness
    Guests apply resume building, job readiness, work etiquette, and interview skills as they search for employment

Intensive Outpatient Phase Two


    Weekly 3 HR PER DAY, 3 DAYS PER WEEK
Focus Increase freedoms to assist guests in restoring their presence within the community while upholding accountability through their job acquired with the help of our employment specialists.
    Guests continue incorporating positive behaviors within their daily routine to fortify their resolve in recovery
    Accountability measures remain in place as required attendance in group therapy is decreased
    Guests illustrate self-sustainability in utilizing their extra time to begin working or continuing their job search

sober living


      PHP (mandatory)
      IOP PHASE 1 (optional)
      PIOP PHASE 2 (optional)
      OP (optional)
    Focus Provide a safe and secure environment that exudes support and encouragement from all layers within the Royal Life Community. Our sober residences offer a continued care plan for guests wishing to continue living amongst peers in recovery.
      Guests focus on recovery maintenance following their completion of inpatient
      Guests live with a built-in sober support system
      Guest have access to 24/7 Royal Life Housing staff for encouragement, comradery, and resources

    Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

    Cascade Heights partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the first of three 4-week phases of our 12-week aftercare treatment program following detox and inpatient. While in partial hospitalization, group therapy sessions are six hours per day, Monday through Friday, and for three hours each Saturday. PHP precedes intensive outpatient program (IOP)outpatient (OP), and sober living.

    As a step-down level of care from inpatient, partial hospitalization is the less structured, more flexible treatment option designed for guests who have completed detox and no longer require the 24/7 medical monitoring provided in detox and residential. Partial hospitalization also prepares guests for our intensive outpatient program (IOP), the next level of care, as they renter society.

    PHP, and aftercare as a whole, is designed to benefit individuals who have cultivated a support network and are capable of moderate self-sustainability and relapse prevention, PHP prepares guests by teaching them beneficial coping skills, emotional regulation, in addition to educational and employment assistance. These skills and resources are incredibly valuable to early recovery as guests learn to maintain their new healthy, sober lives.

    Learning Self-Sufficiency in Aftercare

    As the name implies, PHP is a partial hospitalization period in which guests are still spending most of their time in treatment, whether that be in group therapy or meeting one-on-one with their therapist or case manager. During their 4 weeks in PHP, guests continue to receive intensive therapy in a group and one-on-one. Group therapy is required, and takes place for six hours per day, six days a week. Additionally, guests continue to meet with their appointed case manager and begin working with an employment specialist.

    Throughout PHP and aftercare, Royal Life Centers’ trained employment specialists assist guests with their search for the ideal career path. Some of the employment services we offer include job readiness skills like resume-building, interview practice, and work etiquette training. We set guests up for success, working together every step of the way until they’re in the right position.

    Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

    The next level of care within our 12-week aftercare program is our 8-week intensive outpatient program (IOP). Cascade Height’s IOP program smoothly transitions guests from PHP into phases 1 and 2 of IOP and ends in outpatient. Keeping all of the same resources available to them throughout aftercare, guests receive more freedoms during their time in IOP. Guests transitioning into phase 1 of intensive outpatient are required to attend group therapy five days per week, Mon-Fri, and for three hours on Saturday.

    In the second phase of IOP, group therapy attendance lessens to three days per week, three hours per day. As guests navigate IOP, they practice applying life skills. To prepare for recovery outside treatment, guests build stress management, job readiness, and relapse prevention plans into their daily routine. These healthy behaviors begin within group and individual therapy and continue to encourage and uplift their sustainability in recovery.

    Sober Living Services in Aftercare

    After completing our inpatient programs, guests who would like to continue with us in our aftercare program most commonly will choose to live in our Sober Housing on property. Our Sober housing is only available to current guests who have completed our inpatient treatment programs. We model the responsibility of paying bills and budgeting with low weekly rent for a nice apartment or home that is fully furnished with cable/internet and is accompanied by the safety and security of a sober living staff nearby. Paying rent for sober housing begins after we help you find employment— in phase 2 of the 12-week program. Rent is a weekly cost of $50 (weeks 4-8) and rises to $75 (weeks 9-12).

    To lessen the stress of rejoining society during early recovery, we simplify the shift from residential to PHP by including rent within the cost of treatment. Once in IOP, sober living guests begin paying rent. By separating rent from the total treatment price, Royal Life Centers’ Sober Housing becomes the first financial accountability measure. In this way, rent payments act as a small-scale re-introduction to the responsibilities that accompany self-sufficiency in society. Additionally, guests regularly complete drug tests, receiving another source of accountability in early recovery.

    After graduating from our aftercare program and obtaining employment, outpatient guests move into our other sober living property, Graduate Housing. In Royal’s Graduate House, guests enjoy more freedom should they choose to join our outpatient program.  Royal’s sober living offers a variety of amenities, such as flat-screen TVs in the spacious living rooms and bedrooms. Our recovery residences include walk-ins closets, on-site laundry units, and access to Royal Life Centers resources and sober community.

    Cascade Heights’ sober living staff at both Royal Life Housing and Graduate Housing are available 24/7 for support and guidance. Any graduate of Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights has our continued support throughout their recovery journey that we provide through both our sober living homes and alumni coordinators through continued support and the sharing of resources.

    Frequently asked questions

    During PHP, the first stage of the 12-week aftercare program, the cost of sober living is included in treatment.

    The second stage, IOP phase 1, housing costs $50 per week.

    In the third and final stage of aftercare,  IOP phase 2, rent costs $75 per week.

    Additionally, guests within our twelve-week program that choose to reside in Royal Life Housing also receive a $35 food voucher, twice a week, for groceries.

    Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights’ aftercare program is 12 weeks in length.

    The timeline for aftercare is broken down into three, 4-week stages: PHP, IOP phase 1, and IOP phase 2.

    Cascade Heights provides two separate sobering living options within our treatment program, Royal Life Housing and Graduate Housing, to ensure the appropriate amount of care and surveillance is given to each and every guest.

    Those who are navigating through an earlier stage of recovery require a higher level of care than our guests who have solidified their recovery resolve in outpatient treatment. For instance, Royal guests entering PHP benefit greatly from the accountability measures provided in Royal Life Housing as they are still transitioning from residential care to partial hospitalization.

    We are dedicated to providing the safest and most beneficial level of care within our treatment programs and transitional housing services. With that being said, we also acknowledge that our guests in our outpatient program prosper in less restrictive environments which is why we provide our Graduate House for those in OP.  

    Royal Life Centers is an addiction treatment network offering a full continuum of care throughout Washington state and Arizona.

    Within out program, we offer services such as medical detox, residential inpatient, aftercare (PHP, IOP), outpatient, and sober living.