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Does Delta 8 Show Up Positive on Drug Tests?

Does Delta 8 Show Up Positive on Drug Tests?

Delta 8 has become a popular substance of choice for those looking to experience a marijuana high. Without the concern for legal repercussions, there appears little to fear from using this drug on the surface. THC consumption has grown in recent years as the drug marijuana is legal in several states around the country. That […]

From Combat to Calm: Trauma-Based Treatment for Veterans Explained

Trauma-Based Treatment for Veterans

Many veterans struggle with some level of trauma from their time serving. In many cases, this can lead them to attempt to self-medicate with dangerous substances. At Cascade Heights Recovery, we offer veterans addiction treatment with a focus on trauma recovery. PTSD in veteran communities is something that can be treated safely and effectively. Our […]

Is Ketamine an Opioid?

Is Ketamine an Opioid

As the opioid epidemic continues to plague the nation, many people find themselves concerned over the risk these drugs can pose for themselves and their loved ones. As a result, it has become easy to misidentify other drugs as contributors to the opioid problem. One of these commonly misconstrued substances is ketamine. Of course, while […]

Is Snorting Oxycodone Dangerous?

Is Snorting Oxycodone Dangerous

As the opioid epidemic continues to spread throughout the U.S., people are beginning to find new ways of using and abusing these medications. A particularly popular method of abuse is crushing and snorting opioids like Oxycodone for a faster and more intense high.  Unfortunately, smoking opioids is not only illegal, it is extremely dangerous. If […]

10 Heroin Addiction Symptoms To Look Out For

Heroin Addiction Symptoms

As the U.S. finds itself wracked by what is now called the opioid epidemic, this has placed more importance than ever on the need for awareness of the danger these drugs pose to people’s health. One particularly threatening opioid that has gripped the nation is heroin. With its wide availability and fast-acting nature, heroin has […]

What Are the Most Addictive Drugs?

Addictive Drugs

Most addictive drugs can be found all across America. The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics reports on the percentage of the U.S. population that uses substances. Over one month in 2019., the rates of substance abuse for people over age 12 included: According to the Recovery Research Institute, addiction is “a primary, chronic, neurobiological disease […]