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Do I Really Need To Go To Meetings?

So, you went to detox, and successfully completed treatment. You’ve probably got a few months of sobriety under your belt, and you should have a solid foundation of recovery at this point. Much of your decision-making process during treatment was left up to someone else to decide. Someone was always holding you accountable for your actions, and guiding you to do the next right thing. Now it’s time to start living on your own or in a sober living environment. This also means now you’re responsible for making sure you make it to work on time, stay sober, and of course, get to meetings.

Ah yes, meetings. The cornerstone of any 12-step fellowship. You most likely either heard of, or attended these meetings during treatment. If you’ve made it to a meeting before you may have heard some of the endearing slogans such as, “Meeting makers make it” “Don’t drink and go to meetings” “If you think you need a meeting, you need a meeting. If you don’t think you need a meeting, you definitely need one” So, are meetings really as important as they’re made out to be? Let’s dive in a bit further.

Meetings for Newcomers

For someone in early sobriety, meetings really are THAT important. There’s usually such a drastic change in ones thinking and lifestyle that comes along with getting sober. Even after months of treatment, meetings are a must. Trying to navigate the wave of emotions, feelings, and changes in day to day life, would be difficult for anyone. Fortunately, for addicts and alcoholics, there is a place to go that is filled with people who are going through, or have gone through these changes as well. Being able to share what’s going on with the group can help tremendously, especially early on. Friendships are also usually formed in meetings, providing another shoulder to lean on, as well as a healthy, sober relationship.

It’s suggested that a newcomer goes to 90 meetings in 90 days, but after that, then what? Well this is another one of those “different for everyone” topics. Some will go to one a day for the first year. Some will go to one a day for the rest of their life. Some will go to a few a week. Some will go to none at all. There is also every combination in between. The point is, you need to find out what works for you. Maybe not going to enough meetings is making you irritable, or maybe you’re going to so many that your social life is suffering. The most important thing to remember through all of this, is to never pick up a drink or a drug. As long as you don’t use, you always have a chance to tweak your meeting attendance.

Reach Out

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