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Smokers Under 65 are more Vulnerable to COVID-19

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Like many respiratory based viruses, new research suggests that smoking can influence the spread of COVID-19. The Origin of the COVID-19 The origin of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak occurred during the Chinese New Year celebration in January 2020, the Year of the Rat. This virus, like most respiratory-based viruses, spreads by micro-droplets in the air […]

Social Networks and 12-Step Sponsorship

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Attendees of 12-step meetings and venues learn early on that the secret to sustained abstinence and quality recovery is securing a sponsor. What is a sponsor? A sponsor is a person that has been in abstinence-based recovery for at least a year and acts as a newcomer’s mentor, recovery-friendly advisor, and support person. Sponsors are […]

Abstinence Among Members of NA

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Abstinence among Members of Abstinence-Based Narcotics Anonymous There are more than 58,000 abstinence-based Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups in the world. There are relatively few research studies examining the members of Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Galanter and associates studied “the nature of the participants in NA who are primarily abstinent, long-term members” to shed more light on […]

Mindfulness & Recovery from Substance Abuse

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Quality of Life in Substance Misuse Disorders & Various Severe Mental Illnesses Self-perceived health related quality of life is a measure of treatment worth for people with substance misuse disorders. Adan and associates decided to study self-perceived health related quality of life for people with substance misuse and: Schizophrenia bipolar disorder major depressive disorder To […]

Teen Drug Use: Does a Lack of Supervision mean More Drugs?

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When supervision is astray, drug-experimenting teens will play. A new study shows that teens are more likely to experiment with illegal or recreational drugs during the summer months¹. This analysis confirms several prior studies that underscore the need for continuous remote-supervision of teens when they are not attending school and during scheduled vacations from school. […]

Recovery Means Curbing Attempts to Control

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Control is one of the biggest obstacles to sobriety. In pursuit of a peaceful and meaningful life, you must let go of control and surrender yourself to the help that you have been reaching for. Sometimes your efforts to avoid responsibility are disguised as graciousness and politeness. Examples of these run along the lines of […]

What’s Up with Aftercare?

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One of the most significant reasons that aftercare and continuing group participation are so essential, is that true lifetime recovery involves a lot of thinking and problem-solving. In aftercare and group therapy, thoughts and problem-solving are guided by addiction counselors and peers— which is valuable as the process teaches you how to sharpen your own […]

Benzodiazepine Detox: Do I still need to go to detox if I was prescribed benzos?

benzos - benzo addiction - do I need detox for benzos - do i need detox for my benzo prescription

Don’t you love who done it forensic shows? It’s substantially cool to watch forensics experts eye-up a crime scene and tell volumes about the perpetrator or perpetrators that committed the crime, without ever having seen them commit the crime. Forensic shows stand testimony to the fact that the dust of truth always swirls and eventually […]