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Heritage and Healing: How Native American Addiction Recovery Keeps Culture in Mind

Addiction treatment for Native Americans is a tradition-based process with respect and dignity at the forefront. Cascade Heights Recovery is an alcoholism and drug abuse treatment center with a dedication to providing safe and effective Native people recovery programs. We understand addiction’s impact on Native American communities. That is why we strive to provide the special care they need to get better. 

If you are ready to begin your recovery journey, we are here to help. We can provide a tradition-based environment that allows you to achieve lasting sobriety. Our goal is to provide culturally appropriate healing practices to our indigenous communities.

Native American Addiction Statistics: What Are the Facts?

The National Library of Medicine states that poisonings and deaths from substances have increased among American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIAN). Between 2013 and 2017, AIANs had the highest drug-related deaths compared to other racial/ethnic groups in the country.

During this time, drug-related death rates for AIANs were 36.9 deaths per 100,000, while drug death rates for Whites were 32.6 per 100,000. Similar trends occurred about alcohol-induced hospitalizations and deaths.

Unfortunately, Native Americans face higher rates of addiction due to unique risk factors. This includes historical trauma and socioeconomic challenges. These can interfere with their ability to maintain connections to their traditional roots and practices.

Currently, methamphetamine, tobacco, opioids, and alcohol pose the biggest threat to abuse. Cascade Heights Recovery strives to combat the spread of addiction throughout indigenous communities. That is why we offer programs with a focus on Native American healing for addiction.

How Is Native American Addiction Treatment Different?

Native American addiction treatment often incorporates a cultural approach alongside traditional Western methods. While many aspects of our NAP are like traditional treatment programs, there are several key differences.

The first unique aspect of our Native American healing approach is our focus on culture. We focus on traditional healing in our programs. We incorporate talking circles, smudging ceremonies, and consultations with spiritual healers to address the emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery.

We also provide a community focus in our treatment approach. Tribal traditions emphasize community support. This is why we involve group activities and family therapy that consider the wider social impact of addiction.

Finally, our NAP focuses on addressing historical trauma during healing. Addiction rates are often linked to historical trauma experienced by Native American communities. This is why our programs involve therapy that addresses these issues.

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What Treatments Are Available for Native American Addiction Recovery?

There are several treatment options available to Native Americans struggling with addiction. At Royal Life Centers, we offer addiction assessments that respect our guest’s cultures and backgrounds. We will evaluate you for co-occurring conditions and determine the best course of action depending on your needs.

When recovering through our Native American program, you can expect to take part in several activities, including:

  • Grief and trauma processing
  • Cultural healing traditions
  • Therapeutic sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Tribal healing events
  • Medicine Wheel Hands

Along with our tribal healing options, we also offer traditional evidence-based treatments through our network of Royal Life treatment centers. From detox to residential treatment and aftercare services, we offer a full continuum of care across our facilities. We also use therapy like behavior and holistic therapies. These aim to encourage whole-health wellness amongst our guests.

Through our comprehensive treatment options, we aim to help you understand your addiction. With this understanding, you will be able to learn healthy coping mechanisms and maintain long-term sobriety.

Where Can I Find Rehab for Native Americans in Washington State?

If you are looking for a Native American treatment center, Mead, WA is a great place to start. At Royal Life Centers, our Native American rehab centers provide the specialized care you need. Our cultural programs help you achieve long-term recovery.

Cascade Heights Recovery aims to provide Native-specific programs that encompass traditional and culturally appropriate healing. Nestled in the heart of Western Washington, our location offers a convenient option for addiction treatment to our indigenous communities.

Native American Recovery Program in Mead, WA

At Royal Life Centers, our Native American Programs address the specific risk factors involved with substance abuse. In particular, we address the risks faced by indigenous community members. We aim to provide inclusive care to all our guests. This is achieved through integrating cultural activities alongside traditional treatment interventions.

Our treatment approach helps motivate both our native and non-native guests through indigenous healing rituals. These practices can benefit our guests in many ways, no matter what addiction issues they may be struggling with. Some of these benefits include developing healthier habits and restoring relationships.

We offer many cultural activities. These include talking circles and hands-on healing activities. These help our guests build self-confidence and motivation for achieving lasting recovery. Our top priority is to address substance abuse in Native American communities with respect and integrity.

Levels of Care for Native American Recovery

Substance abuse treatment is not one-size-fits-all. Alcohol and drug addiction programs use different levels of care depending on the needs of their guests. Through our network of Royal Life Centers treatment locations, we are proud to offer the following levels of care for Native American addiction recovery:

At Royal Life Centers, we value our ability to provide an inclusive, respectful, and restorative recovery environment for all our guests. If you are ready to start your journey to sobriety at one of our Native American Programs, reach out now. Native American substance abuse treatment programs are safe and effective and adhere to cultural practices. No matter what tribal community you identify with, we can help you recover.

Addiction can be a debilitating and lonely experience. But, with the right support, recovery is possible. We are available 24/7 to answer all your treatment questions and help verify your insurance. We are happy to help you understand what levels of care will best fit your needs. Call now to start your recovery today!

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