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Does Delta 8 Show Up Positive on Drug Tests?

Delta 8 has become a popular substance of choice for those looking to experience a marijuana high. Without the concern for legal repercussions, there appears little to fear from using this drug on the surface. THC consumption has grown in recent years as the drug marijuana is legal in several states around the country. That also means that testing methods are getting better as well. The tests are used to detect THC in the body. While drug testing methods vary, failing a test is never a good thing.

Those who have an upcoming drug test may want to reconsider using delta-8. Whether you may be using these gummies for sleep, fun, or any other reason, it is important to keep in mind that delta-8 can show up on a urine drug test.

What Is Delta 8?

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, or delta-8 THC, is a psychoactive substance. It is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, also the parent plant of marijuana and hemp. Delta-8 is just one of over 100 cannabinoids that are produced by the cannabis plant and is a cousin to delta-9.

However, this plant does not contain significant amounts of this substance. Because of this, delta-8 is manufactured in larger quantities from hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). It is most commonly consumed in the form of food, such as a gummy or brownie, or as liquid tinctures. Some people may also choose to inhale this drug through vape using either wax or oil.

Both Delta-8 and Delta-9 were first discovered in the 1960s. They did not gain popularity, however, until an oversupply of CBD caused the prices of this substance to drastically plummet. This made Delta THC products much more affordable than other forms of marijuana.

Although marijuana is legal in some states, it is generally more expensive and takes more time to obtain. The easy accessibility and legal status of delta THC products in almost 22 states have made them very popular amongst the general public.

It is important to understand that neither delta-8 nor delta-9 have been approved for safe use by the FDA. Despite this, these substances are often marketed to be safe, which can lead to serious public health risks. 

Delta 8 vs Delta 9: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the Delta-8 vs Delta-9 debate, there are a few distinctions to be aware of with these substances. One of the biggest distinctions between them is that Delta-8 forms a weaker bond with CB1 receptors in the brain than delta-9 does.

This interaction makes Delta-8 less psychoactive than its cousin drug. Instead, it provides a more gentle and easy high. This makes it more popular amongst those looking to use Delta THC products for medicinal or recreational purposes.

However, whereas Delta-8 is only legal in 22 states, Delta-9 maintains legality in every state except Ohio. With that said, both of these substances can still result in a positive drug test. And, depending on the circumstances of these tests, a positive result can have negative consequences.

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Are These New Forms of Marijuana Safe?

According to the FDA, cannabis research is still in its early stages. Even less is known about the effects of newer forms like delta-8 THC or THC-O acetate. This means there is no way to yet determine if these new forms of marijuana are safe for human use. There are other forms of marijuana as well, like CBD, which don’t come with a high for the user. 

There is always a risk that you may experience unintended consequences from using these variations. These new forms can be more potent than traditional marijuana. This can lead to a higher risk of intoxication and negative side effects.

Many people have reported experiencing anxiety, paranoia, and impaired coordination after using Delta THC products. Furthermore, in many places, these products are not regulated. This has raised concerns about quality control and the presence of contaminants. Because of these factors, it’s important to be cautious about new forms of marijuana.

It is especially important to keep these products away from children and animals. Because their systems are more easily compromised, they are at a higher risk of experiencing adverse reactions after consuming Delta THC products.

Can Someone Get Addicted Marijuana?

Despite popular belief, it is possible to get addicted to marijuana. This is referred to as marijuana use disorder and can be difficult to overcome without professional help. Addiction is a complex condition that can develop with repeated use of a substance, including marijuana.

People with marijuana use disorder are unable to control their marijuana use. This is the case even when their substance use has negative consequences on their life. Trying to stop the use of this drug on their own can lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

These side effects can be difficult to manage by one’s self and often lead to relapse. If you believe you may be struggling with a marijuana addiction, it is important to seek professional help.

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